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This is the official Homepage of AIA - Autonomy Internet Access. AIA is a standalone program, that acts as a telesupport server and/or client for RT-programs according the RESORT Standard.

AIA is currently the only programm fully supplying the V3.25 RESORT Standard and is freeware. You may download a timerestricted version below.

The AIA installation process installs Tele-Help Controller on service centre and client side on a Win98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 platform. Currently it is recommended to install external linkMicrosoft Netmeeting 3 in order to enable audio/video and application sharing functionality (already included in Windows 2000 and XP, not available for Windows Vista and newer). AIA software also runs without Netmeeting.

AIA Evaluation Kit
Version Info Comments German build 091117 (1.79MB) V0.11.0.0 is needed min.

Windows 7 Logo The program and the installer were succefully tested with Windows 7.

After having installed the AIA Evaluation Kit on client and on service centre PC it is recommended to install one or more RESORT compliant RT systems (e.g: AUTONOMY german content, external linkMr.Stepgerman content, external linkMULTITEXT german content, others to follow).

Please note: More information about the RESORT project can be found at the RESORT home page.

ICS logo Acknowledgement: AIA uses the freeware network package external linkICS.
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