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Easy Entrance is a Development Partnership within the framework of the common initiative EQUAL of the EU. Important players of the labour market policy join together to find solutions for urgent problems on the labour market in an experimental way.

The project ends in June 2007 and is carried out in Styria, in Salzburg and in Vienna.

For the first time a standardised and innovative procedure for the registration, development and evaluation of accessibility of work places is worked out in Austria.

The Easy Entrance experts' network consisting of representatives of economy, science and practice supports companies to

  • initiate processes to create accessible work places for disabled and older people and to develop accessible work and organisational structures and
  • to get approved as Easy Entrance-company with a certificate

The network consists of the following strategic partners:

  • Federal Office of Social Affairs Styria (financial responsibility)
  • Federation of Austrian Industry
  • Federation of Austrian Trade Unions (GB "Chancen nutzen Bro")
  • Chamber of Commerce Salzburg

And the following operative partners:

  • City Council Graz "Department for Accessible Construction"
  • QS Certification and Evaluation Ltd
  • Payer & Partner - consulting, coaching, training
  • Occupational Medicine Services Salzburg
  • Jugend am Werk Styria Ltd. - Arbeitsassistenz
  • tempo - Association for Equalisation of People Graz
  • EqualityA Vienna
  • Vienna University of Technology, Institute 'integrated study'
  • Pro Mente Salzburg Association for Vocational Rehabilitation Ltd.
  • bfi Styria EDP training centre

Compass Graz - institute for social research - is responsible for the coordination of this project.

The target groups are both profit and non-profit-companies, small and medium enterprises (SME) and large concerns and public institutions.

Employees with disabilities and older employees are involved in the conception, realization and further development of this procedure.

The following products and instruments are developed:

  • Catalogue of Standards for the evaluation of the accessibility of work places
    Together with the target groups objective, measurable and comprehensible standards for the development of suitable workplaces for employees with disabilities and older employees are developed.
  • Audit-Certification-Quality Mark
    The procedure is carried out by the third party certification company QS Ltd. Together with the companies the structures and the work organisation are further developed with regard to accessibility. Having achieved a positive evaluation in the auditing procedure the company receives the Easy Entrance Certificate of Quality.
  • Database & Data Collection
    A device for measuring the accessibility of the company buildings, work places and its equipment as well as an internet database are developed. Companies receive a report with recommendations for structural alterations and adaptations.
  • Development Workshops
    Tools for organisational and Human Resources Development are compiled. Guidance, coaching, consulting as well as support during the certification process are carried out in selected companies.
  • Code of Practice
    A comprehensive guideline for the creation of accessible workplaces is available to the companies. It contains a project documentation, the catalogue of standards as well as all the information needed to receive the Easy Entrance Certificate of Quality.
  • Easy Entrance Training Courses
    The company staff (e.g. Human Resources Manager), employees with disabilities and older employees are enabled to further develop the criteria of accessibility and to realize the standards in the companies.

During the period of the project the developed services are exempt from charges. With regard to sustainability they should be offered subsequently (rates will still be worked out).

Further information can be found on the project-Homepage external link

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