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Different approaches exist for a standardized interface to use a computer with alternative input methods. For Microsoft Windows such an interface is implemented by means of 'Serial Keys'. This interface simulates mouse and keyboard via serial port. The version integrated in Windows XP, however, was developed for the US market and supports the US character set only.

Several attempts to standardize the serial protocol exist. The Trace Center offers a proposal called external link'General Input Device Emulating Interface' (GIDEI). Various products - commercial as well as freeware - partially implement this standard.

Since none of these programs offer all the functionality needed for AUTONOMY, the Institute 'integrated study' developed a (almost) complete implementation of the GIDEI protocol.

The result of this implementation effort is now available as 'is-TU Keys'.

Disk symbol Version  (612kB)
PDF version - PDF reader requiredDescription of the supported Command Sequences

System requirements for this demo version:

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Serial port
  • A second computer with a matching program (for example AUTONOMY) for sending the GIDEI sequences
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