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LARAH (Location-aware Assistant Robots At Home) aims at providing older persons with an assistive robot, to provide support and safety in their own homes. This project will develop a visual indoor localization solution for mobile assistive robots. The advanced localization technology proposed in LARAH will improve the assessment of the own position of the robot, and support tasks such as, finding and brining objects, opening doors, and in finding persons in case of an emergency (e.g. fall). The prototype developed in LARAH will be designed as a cost-effective solution, which will be tested with an extensive involvement of end users and has the potential of a large commercial exploitation.

The project partners are:

Project financing

The LARAH project (Project number 846244) is financed in the 9th Call of the Austrian Benefit Program of the Austrian Research Agency (FFG). Total costs of the project: € 478 987. Duration of the project: 01/12/2014-30/11/2016

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