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LivingAll LogoThe LivingAll project

Free Movement and Equal Opportunities for All (LivingAll) was an R+D+I European Project, 2.4 Area –Sixth Framework Programme FP6-2005-SSP-5ª, funded by DG Research Health in the VI Framework Programme of the European Commission.

The goal of LivingAll was to increase the free movement of people with disabilities and the accessibility to the global European labour market, establishing and proposing guidelines to improve the current national and European policies, related to the topic, in the State Members of the European Union.
Eleven European experts in social policies, disability and ICT, collaborated in the project, which lasted for two years (1st March 2007 to 28th February 2009).

In this context, LivingAll searched for solutions to the challenge of the European Union in the framework of the European Year of equal opportunities for all 2007. The aim of the year was to avoid the discrimination suffered by individuals due to sex, ethnic or racial origin, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation and achieve the European Union citizens to be more aware of their rights of equality and a life without discrimination.

On the 15th and 16th of January 2009 the European LivingAll Conference was celebrated in Valencia (Spain).

Project Partners

  • ERI Polibienestar, University of Valencia - POLIBIENESTAR (Spain)
  • Compass Sozial- und Gesundheitsverein - COMPASS (Austria)
  • Spanish Society of Social and Health Care - SEAS (Spain)
  • Association Nationale pour le Logement des Personnes Handicapées - ANLH (Belgium)
  • Conselleria de Territorio y Urbanismo, Generalitat Valencia - DGV (Spain)
  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto per le Tecnologie della Costruzione - CNR ITC (Italy)
  • Institute 'integrated study', Vienna University of Technology - TUW (Austria)
  • Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia – UPIRS (Slovenia)
  • SINTEFByggforsk (Norway)
  • Habinteg Housing Association Ltd – HABINTEG (UK)
  • Innovaciones Sociosanitarias - ISS (Spain)

For any information about the conference or the project please contact the project co-ordinator external linkERI Polibienestar.

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