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Remote Service of Rehabilitation Technology
TIDE Project DE 4208
May 1998 - April 2001

Consortium Members

  • Contractors:
    • Univ.of Technology Vienna - Institute 'integrated study' (formal part of the Institute Industrial Electronics and Material Science ( fortec )
    • Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf ( ARCS )
    • University of Dundee - Micro Centre ( DUMC )
    • Institut for Rehabilitation Research ( iRv ) (since 1.5.99)
  • Associated Partners and Subcontractors:
    • Elisabethinum Axams ( ELI )
    • RehaKomm - Peter Jacobi ( RECO )
    • Capability Scotland ( USCS )
    • Tayside Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology Centre TORTC )
    • Franciscusoord, Revalidatiecentrum voor kinderen Valkenburg, Nederland ( SRL-FO )
  • Members until 30.4.99:
    • Allardsoog - Hunneschans ( ALH )
    • Samenwerkende Revalidatiecentra Limburg ( SRL/Dynamed )

Team members in Vienna

Overview of Project

Today more and more disabled persons are using Rehabilitation-Technology software products such as environmental control software, alternative communication software, or teaching and training programs. Nevertheless, their actual use is much lower than the actual need. One of the main reasons is the lack of adequate support which ensures the optimum adaptation of the system to the changing user needs at any given time. Today professional support is a complicated and expensive process due to the extensive travel efforts of the support provider.

RESORT demonstrates solutions to these problems by showing model telematic remote service facilities for Information Technology based Rehabilitation Technology. RESORT establishes a telecommunications link between the client (user of Rehabilitation Technology) and his/her service provider. Whenever support is needed, the user activates his/her remote service software which automatically establishes the necessary link to get multimedia telematic assistance from the service provider.

RESORT hast not created another singular solution or product but offers a new general method and strategy for making IT-based Rehabilitation Technology more user-friendly, cost effective and market oriented. During the project, RESORT has been demonstrated in combination with already existing SW-applications covering the aspects environmental control, alternative and augmentative communication (RT-system AUTONOMY) and teaching and training (RT-system STEP BY STEP).

For further activities after the completion of the EU funded project the "Resort Interest Group" (RIG) has been set up in early 2001.

Detailed Information

More detailed information is available concerning



  • 1999:
    • Workshop Vienna, AT, May 10th, 1999
    • Workshop Upper Springland, UK, May 24th, 1999
  • 2000:
    • Workshops at Integra Fair Altenhof, AT, Sept.21st and Sept.22nd, 2000
    • Workshops at IDK Linz, AT, Nov.9th and Nov.10th, 2000
    • Workshops at ARCS Wr. Neustadt, AT, Nov.13th and Nov.14th, 2000
    • Workshops at fortec, Vienna, AT, Nov.20th and Nov.23th, 2000
    • Workshops at iRv / Franciscusoord, NL, Oct. 11th, Oct.27th and Nov. 24th, 2000
    • Workshop at Elisabethinum Axams, AT, Dec. 6th, 2000.
    • Workshop at RehaKomm, DE, Nov 8th, 2000
    • Workshops at DUMC / Upper Springland, UK, Nov. 22th and Nov. 24th, 2000

Related Projects

Activities after completion of EU-funded project are documented on web site of Resort Interest Group (RIG). For more information about the RESORT project and RESORT Interest Group please feel free to contact us via our public email address

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