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Our institute puts a lot of effort into software engineering research. Some useful internal tools were built during the research work. Some of these tools, that might be of interest for a wider community are placed at this site. Please note the different licence agreements that come with the installers.

  • InnoPatchWizard
    InnoPatchWizard helps you making binary patches with VPatch and Inno.
  • LogoxHol german content
    LogoxHol gives you in combination with Logox3free a free simple communication program.
  • RTFKonv german content
    RTFKonv optimizes RTF files in size and ansi readability.
  • SetPass
    SetPass changes the password of a list of servers/computers at once.
  • ShowIP
    ShowIP shows all local IP addresses.
  • StartUp
    Startup is a simple but fully accessible program for CD starters.
  • The Rooms Have Eyes
    This program records videos comming from multiple web-cams, using motion detection and a time/calendar engine.
  • TimeSet german content
    TimeSet fetches the accurat time from a timeserver and sets the system time accordingly.
  • VersionHelper
    VersionHelper helps maintaining and compiling many version-info resource-files using a Borland development system.
  • VideoServer
    VideoServer is a tiny tool, that streams the video from a local video source.
  • Web Accessibilty Tickler (WAT)
    WAT is a tool to support the survey crew during web accessibility surveys.
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