iToilet Project Deliverables

Deliverable names and types
Deliverable nameType
D1.1 User Requirements Analysis showing three priority levelsPublic PDF
D1.2 Functional and Technical System SpecificationsRestricted
D1.3 Plan for Laboratory TrialsRestricted
D1.4 Plan for Field Trials Restricted
D1.5 Ethics, legal issues and safety in iToilet project Public PDF
D2.1 Report on sensors and sensor subsystems [for PT1 and PT2]Restricted
D2.2 Documentation on Control SoftwareRestricted
D2.3 Report on Activity Recognition and Inference of potentially dangerous situationsRestricted
D2.4 Documentation interface to care documentationRestricted
D2.5 Report on speech controlRestricted
D3.1 Integrated Prototype for lab trialsRestricted
D3.2 Evaluation Results PT1 including recommendations for PT2Restricted
D3.3 Integrated Prototype PT2 for field trialsRestricted
D3.4 Evaluation Results PT2 including recommendations for commercial productRestricted
D4.1 Project Web site and FolderPublic PDF
D4.2 Draft business plan / business modelRestricted
D4.3 Dissemination PlanRestricted
D4.4 Exploitation Plan and final business / business model planRestricted
D5.1 Ethical Guidelines and Legal Implications (General) Restricted
D5.2 Calendar year 1 reportRestricted
D5.3 Mid-term review questionnaireRestricted
D5.4 Ethical Guidelines for Lab- and Field-Trials incl. Informed ConsentRestricted
D5.5 Calendar year 2 reportRestricted
D5.6 Final ReportRestricted